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Jessica Brown, the founder and creative director of Jessica Brown Interiors (JBIA, LLC), is an internationally renowned interior designer. It is her mission to foster artistic exploration in all of her endeavors and to inspire others with art, craft and design from around the globe.

Jessica creates elegant, innovative interiors and custom products for those designs, with a timeless sensibility reflecting her deep respect for craft, history and innovation. Projects ranging from high-end residences to commercial interiors, medical offices and restaurants populate JBIA's portfolio.

For almost 20 years, Jessica Brown Interiors has created unique inspirations. With a degree interior architecture and a minor in Art, Jessica’s passion for artistic exploration in numerous mediums has continued to infuse her work with originality and thoughtful attention to detail.  Jessica Brown is truly a designer who connects the emotion of human intellect to the function of human space in dimension.  Her spaces capture and reflect the spirit of her clients, making them familiar and enjoyable.


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Random Lake Project
Bar and Poker Room (1).jpg
Manitowoc Project
kitchen after.jpg
The Kohler Residence
living room anna view (2) (1).JPG
Fort Bend Theater
DSC_3847 (1).jpg

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Jessica enjoys working with a diverse portfolio of clients from established Restaurateurs to Hall of Fame NBA/NFL athletes... from teachers to doctors... from Pakistan to Japan... her craft falls short of no one as she firmly believes all people share the same desire: to be surrounded in a sanctuary of beauty, whatever their taste or style.


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